Friday, 30 January 2015

The simplest things ...!

It was my turn to cook this evening. I got home late, after spending the whole day out at work, and Doris asked for Cheese On Toast.

I baked the bread in the breadmaker a couple of days ago, and so it needed slicing. It was the end of the loaf, and I was aware that I would not be able to cut the bread without problems, so Doris came and sliced it for me, using her meat slicer. She tried to convince me to use her slicer, but I am happy to have 5 digits on each hand, so I declined.

I cut the cheese, put it on the bread and put it under the grill.

After a minute, I realised that I hadn't put ketchup on the toast before I had put the cheese on, so I took the bottle of ketchup to Doris with an apology, and returned to the grilling cheese.

As I retrieved the toast from the grill, I noticed that it wasn't as rigid as normal. I examined the underside of the toast, and realised that I had also forgotten to toast the bread before putting the cheese on!

Cheese On Toast is probably the easiest dinner that can be made:

1. Slice the bread
I failed

2. Toast the bread
I failed

3. Cut the cheese
I did this bit

4. Spread ketchup on the toast
I failed

5. Put the cheese on the toast
I did this bit

6. Grill the cheese
I did this bit, and didn't set off the smoke alarm.

Six steps, and I failed at half of them!