Sunday, 16 July 2017

PB&J Pizza

We're about to have some major home improvements, so we need to move out for a few weeks. As such, we've been using all the perishable foodstuffs.

We move out tomorrow, and all we have left are some celery stalks and some cabbage. Oh ... and some flatbreads.

The flatbreads are called "pizza bases", and have a use-by date of 28th June, so they are only 3 weeks out-of-date.

After picking off the pieces of bread that look suspiciously like mold, I put the pizza bases into the oven to heat through. the heating instructions say to cover the bases with preferred pizza toppings, but we have no cheese, no meats, no fish, no toppings at all. We have tomato ketchup.

We have a discussion about what to put on the pizza bases. Doris suggests peanut butter and jam. I ask her about ketchup, but she gags a little, so it's probably a poor idea.

After 10 minutes of heating, I retrieve the pizza bases. They are all hard. No problem, I'm sure they'll soften up when I spread some butter on them.
No they don't. The butter just melts and slides over the bases, not being absorbed at all.

Oh well, let's try the peanut butter.
Umm, that's all clumpy. It needs lots of spreading, and it's still sliding over the butter.

Finally, let's dump some homemade jam on top.

It looks just like pizza!
I managd to get a jam dribble all the way down my chin, and I had to clean the seat onto which I placed the plate to take that photo. Doris managed to drip jam all over her t-shirt. They also snap when I fold them in half, but hey - dinner is served!