Saturday, 9 April 2011


As my cooking improves, I post less and less frequently here. Having said that, I have hardly cooked in the past week due to pressures of work, so I'm currently posting every time I cook!

I've just cooked Medallions of Steak with jacket potatoes and mixed veg. It was all fine, but bland. I need people to let me know how to make food interesting rather than simply nutritious.

The instructions on the polythene packaging around the steak were easy to understand, apart from the following line:

"Heat the pan on medium heat"
This is a frying pan, with olive oil in it, 2 minutes per side for rare steak.
When I have the dial on "high", the oil burns. When I turn the dial down slightly, it still burns. I need to turn it down approximately half way (I can't tell for sure if it exactly half way, as the gas burners don't appear to have any physical indicators as to the heat they produce at

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