Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Smoke Alarm in the Kitchen

My daughter tweeted this week:

I had to respond with:

Is it usual to have a smoke alarm in the kitchen area, no more than about 12ft from the oven? If it is, is it usual to trigger the smoke alarm every time you cook? Even this evening, when I was simply grilling burgers, the smoke alarm blared as I was serving-up.

I hate to think what will happen when we have a real fire. When I set the frying pan alight this week, and the smoke alarm went off, no-one ran to assist me.

Hmm ... perhaps I should blog about setting the frying pan alight, but as I rescued it and no-one noticed that the food was charred, I didn't think it worthy of an entry. In itself, that might provide indications of my lack of cookery expertise.

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  1. We have a smoke alarm in our kitchen, it's actually code here so it's something you need to do before you can get your utilities turned on. I have a similar problem when opening the oven at times when it's repeated I take the batteries out. It happens alot in our house, thankfully it freaks my girls out so I always get a huge fuss over it.