Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Check the oven

Doris told me that she was baking bread. When I went to make coffee later, I noticed that the breadmaker wasn't switched on, so I pressed the "go" button, and it started counting down 5 hours. When I told her of it, she summised that she had pressed the button to lengthen the baking time to 5 hours instead of pressing the button to bake.

When it was done, Doris removed the bread and left it to cool. After a while, I cut some slices, so we could have warm buttered bread for our tea.

I slathered Doris's slices with butter, but used the last of the tub on those. I looked for another tub of spreadable butter in the fridge. Nothing. I shouted to Doris in case I was man-searching, but she confirmed that we were out of spreadable butter. Ok, we have non-spreadable butter.
I couldn't find any non-spreadable salted butter, so I called again, and she confirmed that we didn't have any salted butter either. Ok, I thought, I can't have buttered bread - I'll toast mine and put cheese on it.

So, I switched the grill on (toaster oven?), and put the slices of bread into the toaster. I then cut slices of cheddar to lay on the toast for grilling.

When the toaster popped, I lay the cheese on the toast, and opened the grill door to pop the toast in, whereupon I discovered two thick steaks, vacuum packaged in plastic, being baked!

When I brought her buttered bread to Doris, I told her this story.
Me: " ... so I turned on the oven to preheat and -"
Doris: "THE STEAKS!"
Me: "Yes, the steaks. I found them hot, and I've taken them out of the oven"
Doris: "Is the plastic packaging all melted on them?"
Me: "I don't think so - it looks ok; only partially melted"

We ate the steaks in sandwiches for lunch today. They were delicious, and I didn't notice any taste of plastic at all!

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