Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A Challenge!

Krin, a dear friend, is emigrating (back) to Australia tomorrow.  She has given me a challenge!

Perhaps she had some strange ingredients left-over from her stay here and I am most-amusing for cocking up the use of them, but she definitely put some thought into a challenge for me, using these to stretch my culinary expertise.

I have the following instructions:

Cooking Disasters Blog Challenge
Use each of these ingredients in SEPARATE dishes: + WRITE ABOUT IT!
1. Tahini
2. Dijonnaise  (on top of potatoes is OK)
3. Capers
4. Beer Mustard (on a sandwich is OK)

I have some questions:
What on EARTH would I do with Tahini?  Is it even a foodstuff?!?!
I know Dijon Mustard (and might possibly combine a dollop with some cheese to make a dish cheesier), but Dijonnaise?
Capers look like pickled peas.  Is there anything I can make with these that could possibly be appetising?
Beer is good. Beer Mustard doesn't sound like something I'd happily order in a pub!

the game is afoot!  Watch here for my fabulous concoctions from these strange items!


  1. Dijonnaise is Dijon mustard and mayo combined into one condiment.

  2. Tahini is most definitely a food stuff. It's made from sesame seeds and tastes sort of peanutty. It's commonly used as a sauce with falafel but you could so other things with it too.

    Capers are a pickled flower bud and are quite salty, that is their main flavor as far as I'm concerned. (Others may differ on that one.) They are a favorite in French cooking and used to accent poultry dishes and so forth in a cream sauce.

    Beer mustard is AWESOME. (But cranberry mustard is awesomer.)

  3. Reminds me of Somerfield Ready Steady Cook... Back when I worked at Somerfield as a student, I'd wander round just before closing time and grab some random stuff that was going for 20p each, and then try to make dinner out of it when I got home.

    I think my best concoction was a sausage omelette...