Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Another Facebook Crossposting

This wasn't a disaster, but I think that the Facebook comments make it worthwhile for inclusion:

No cookery disaster, so no blog entry. However, it surprised me yesterday when I discovered that there is an audible difference between grating cheese and grating knuckle skin. I hadn't realised that you could tell what you were grating by the sound it makes!
Sunday at 13:03 ·  ·  · 
  • Claire Thomas likes this.
    • Katherine Beaudette Uh...that's one warning sign, I suppose...
      Sunday at 13:05 · 
    • Cara Gatenby Just please don't invest in a mandolin slicer!!
      Sunday at 13:09 · 
    • Katherine Beaudette Why would he want to slice mandolins? They're not very tasty...

      Sunday at 13:10 · 
    • Marie Pendle we have a mandolin, he's not allowed anywhere near it :)
      Sunday at 13:15 ·  ·  2 people
    • Cara Gatenby Thank God for that, he'll keep all of his fingers then :-). Lock it away in case he gets tempted.
      Sunday at 13:27 · 
    • Penelope Z Weinberger the cheese doesn't yelp...
      Sunday at 15:06 · 
    • Gary Axtell Remind me never to taste any port wine cheddar served by you! ;)
      Sunday at 15:29 · 
    • Ben Pettifer Slightly concerned that your nervous system
      operates at less than the speed of sound...
      Sunday at 16:16 · 
    • Leanne Victoria Brown please don't grate your fingers off until after the wedding, id rather have pictures with someone that has 4 fingers and a thumb on each hand!!
      Sunday at 17:25 · 
    • Marie Pendle I'll put him in mittens for the next eighteen months ;)
      Sunday at 17:28 ·  ·  1 person
    • Gary Axtell A mitten like this, you mean?
      Sunday at 18:09 · 
    • Karl Reeves Ragh wine and blood cheese. Very Klingon dish. Quapla!
      Sunday at 23:07 · 
    • Elfy Fett I distinctly remember grating my fingers, as a kid, while grating carrots for a salad. No bueno.
      Sunday at 23:18 · 
    • Karinne Taylor What Ben said.
      Monday at 12:26 · 

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