Thursday, 24 March 2011

Herbs on Salmon

Doris is out this evening, so I'm fending for myself.

Looking in the fridge, I see some out-of-date mince, some out-of-date chicken and some out-of-date salmon. They are only a day-or-two out-of-date, and Doris has told me in the past that those dates don't take correct refrigeration into account, so I'm safe with any of them.

Salmon, I choose you!

Ok, I have two skinless salmon fillets. I have seen salmon fried in the past, but the instructions on the side of the packet only say to bake them (25 minutes) or to microwave them (2 minutes). Therefore, to the microwave!

On the way to the microwave, I notice the rack of dried herbs. I recall that I've seen herbs served on fish, so I decide to see what would go well with salmon.

I sniff basil, rosemary, marjoram, parsley and oregano. One smells like tea, one like curry, and the others I can't really tell.

I don't want my salmon tasting of tea or curry, so I select rosemary to sprinkle on one fillet before microwaving it, and oregano to sprinkle on the other.

I'm feeling almost like a cook!

After microwaving, I retrieve them, serve them and eat them.

The only difference I can tell between rosemary and oregano is the size of the numerous bits that I need to pick out of my teeth!

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  1. Well done! (Next time, mince up the rosemary.....) Dill is often used with salmon.