Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Eaten Mess

I cooked chicken stir fry this evening. I really need to remember to chop the veggies before starting to fry the chicken. Thankfully, Doris rescued the situation by rushing into the kitchen to chop the greens.

We have some mini meringue nests in the cupboard, along with a pot of fruit. There is also some double cream (out-of-date) in the fridge. I like Eton Mess, so I thought I'd construct it from the ingredients to-hand.

Unfortunately, the fruit is pineapple chunks. Nevertheless, these will be a good substitute for strawberries.

I chopped the nests loosely, poured the cream over them and dumped a load of the pineapple chunks on top. Although it tastes quite nice, it's missing something.

We don't have any syrup that would go with pineapple, but we have some Quality Street left over from Christmas. No-one likes the coconut chocolates.

I broke-up four of the chocolates and dumped them into my mixture. It is now speckled with chocolate and tasting of pina colada. Lovely dessert!

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  1. Actually, pineapple would be an awesome addition to a stirfry, if you want to go the whole "Hawaiian" routine. Just be sure to drain it well. (Save the juice to add to the sauce later.)

    I just canned some pickled pineapple; that was quite an experience. Dang tasty, though. (The vinegar in the syrup cuts the sweetness just enough that it's not overpowering.) I think it would be equally tasty with a roast ham or over vanilla ice cream. Just have to thaw out the ham, now....