Thursday, 3 March 2011

3 Eggs, Beaten

Doris fancied something quick for dinner this evening. She selected scrambled egg on toast, as she was quite hungry. Off I popped to the kitchen (after verifying the ingredients for scrambled egg).

The first egg, broke perfectly (well, with one piece of eggshell that I had to retrieve out of the pyrex bowl).

The second egg, I broke it against the side of the bowl and the shell shattered, leaving the membrane mostly intact. I had to drop the egg into the bowl whilst I fished out all of the eggshell shards.

The third egg ... I pulled it out of the eggbox. It left a piece of eggshell there, and the albumen started seeping out of it. I threw it across the kitchen to land in the bowl before much more of the egg escaped.

When I asked Doris if she would like me to pour the albumen from the eggbox into the bowl, she suggested that I pour it into our recycling bin instead.

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  1. When I finally make it over to visit you one of these days, remind me to not let you cook for me. I adore you and all but yeah... <3