Monday, 27 September 2010

How it started

My wife and I split in early 2007. Disasters I've had when cooking are archived in my head (and some of them archived on other general blogging and microblogging sites) so there will be some copy-pasting to bring them all together here, along with side (and occasionally snide) comments about how naive I was.

It started so well! This is from June 1, 2007:
MSN Cookery Lessons
I actually cooked for three people last night - myself, my mum and her housemate. Tricolor fusilli, with tuna, passata and cheddar.

I had no idea how to cook pasta, or what to cook with it.
discodoris helped me buy the ingredients originally, but she wasn't around when I needed to cook it. Fortunately, she was online, so I poked her on MSN and she talked me through exactly what to do, how, and when!

And it all worked! It was edible, and everyone enjoyed it.

Big thanks to discodoris for being so awesome and lovely!
Who could have known that my next experience would be so different?

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  1. Ah the trial and error of learning to cook pasta. It's not as straightforward as it looks.

    My favourite learning-to-cook story involving pasta relates to a friend who threw a party for her high school compatriots, and decided to cook spaghetti bolognese for dinner.

    Someone stated that the way to test that the spaghetti was perfectly cooked was to throw a strand at the wall and if it stuck it was al dente.

    Needless to say I think there was more spaghetti thrown on the wall than eventually made it into bowls...