Monday, 27 September 2010

Teflon Gravy

Mmm, roast dinners! I like a good roast!

Yes, I've started a post with the same sentiment before, but I *really* like roasts!

I am expert in making scrumbly potatoes - you know the ones - the edges are furry, so when roasted, they become crispy and falling-apart!

However, I have problems keeping a non-stick coating on roasting pans.

It has been noted to me that I had very cheap cookware, because I started this process by buying any old stuf from the local supermarket.

Anyway ... the teflon coating on my roasting pan was starting to come away. No problem I thought - it's non-stick, so it's not going to stick to my food.


Teflon flakes on my lovely potatoes. I had to spend ages scraping them clear.

Ho hum ... I need gravy with a roast. To make gravy, I thicken the pan juices with flour, pour veg-water in, stir, add an oxo cube, stir again, pour into a pyrex jug.

I had forgotten about the teflon coating.

Teflon gravy is a poor accompaniment to teflon potatoes.

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