Monday, 27 September 2010

Whirled Peas

Welcome to my cookery blog. This isn't the regular fayre that you get with cookery blogs, showing you how to cook, healthy eating, listing ingredients, etc., it's how I am learning (and failing) to cook.

When my marriage ended, I realised that I could only heat food in the microwave, or throw pre-cooked substances into the oven for finishing & browning. I had no concept of actually cooking, taking raw ingredients and constructing an edible meal from those.

I left school in 1985, having been taught many useful things, such as the workings of a lathe, how to plane wood, the triple-point of water, the trajectory and acceleration of missiles, the colour-coding on electronics, etc., but it was a boys' school, so I had never learned one end of an oven from the other.

Others from my school have managed to overcome this lack. Heston Blumenthal went to my school, a year below me, and he seems to have been fairly successful in this cookistry lark, so perhaps my lack-of-schooling is a poor excuse.

Therefore, I am trying, and receiving lots of assistance & instruction, but I am learning slowly, and I have my share of disasters. This blog outlines some of those disasters, so you can understand the lack of expertise that is where some people start from.

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