Monday, 27 September 2010

On the subject of cutting ...

my last post talked about the problem I have with The World's Sharpest Knife(tm).

That is not the only problem I have with cutting things in the kitchen.

This copy-pasted from Facebook:

Rick Brown ‎"you might have to cut the lasagne pasta". Hah! The damned stuff splinters into a thousand parts as soon as I bring a pair of scissors near it!

09 September at 20:04  ·  · 
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    • Marie Pendle dude, you're cooking - cut refers to knife not scissors...
      09 September at 20:04 · 
    • Rick Brown when did you tell me THAT?!?!?!
      09 September at 20:05 · 
    • Chris Kraus are you cutting them cooked or uncooked?
      09 September at 20:26 · 
    • Heather Capocci Laughing so hard right now.
      09 September at 20:27 · 
    • Marie Pendle I constantly overrate his ability to comprehend instruction...
      09 September at 20:30 · 
    • Rick Brown Bloody hell! It's risen like a souffle!
      09 September at 20:32 · 
    • Chris Kraus Is that british for boiled over, made a mess in the cooker and there is smoke bellowing out?
      09 September at 20:34 · 
    • Marie Pendle no, it means that rather than patting the lasagne into the sauce, he left it with bloody great airbubbles underneath, which have naturally expanded during cooking. I just want my dinner :(
      09 September at 20:35 · 
    • Rick Brown You'll have to wait for it to fall again. I'm sure it won't be long.

      One lump or two?
      09 September at 20:36 · 
    • Chris Kraus poke it with a knife, poke it with a scissors, poke it with a skewer.... just make a mess
      09 September at 20:38 · 
    • Rick Brown That was the tastiest lasagne I have ever cooked!
      09 September at 21:01 · 
    • Caroline Klebacha Was it also the only lasagna you have ever cooked? Because it sounds that way. Sets the bar for next time.
      09 September at 21:08 · 
    • Tonya Knowlen Perkins ‎*giggles madly*
      09 September at 21:47 · 
    • Belinda Mullinix Rick 'Delia' Brown... bless.
      10 September at 09:51 · 

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