Monday, 27 September 2010

the problem with thin-crust pizza

Cooking (well, heating) pizzas. Five of us, all hungry, so there were 6 pizzas; 2 thin-crust and 4 deep-pan.

The deep pan pizzas need 10-12 minutes at 200C. The thin crusts need 6-8 minutes at 200C. No problem, I thought - I'll heat the ovens, put all the deep pan pizzas on the oven grills, start them going, then put the two thin-crust pizzas on pizza trays and shove them in the bottom of the ovens.

All went well, and was nice & straightforward.

On opening the top oven, to take out the cooked pizzas, there was a cloud of smoke. "This seems wrong" I thought to myself, but I grabbed the pizzas and thought nothing more of it.

When trying to slide the pepperoni thin crust pizza off its pizza tray, it was stuck. Very strange. I soon discovered what had happened, though ...

The pizzas are all supplied on compressed polystyrene bases. I had neglected to remove the base from one pizza before cooking it. It had melted, fusing the pizza to the tray, and smoked the taste of plastic into the other pizzas.

One pizza thrown away, two pizzas tasting of plastic. Meh!

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