Monday, 27 September 2010

Teflon rusts

Don't let anyone tell you different! It's hateful stuff!

I've already posted about my roasting pan becoming non-non-stick, when potatoes were roasting in it, and then forgetting that I'd just spent ages cleaning the teflon off the potatoes while I made gravy in the same pan, but that's not the only non-stick item that I've ruined.

I have a baking tray, with about 30% of it teflon coated. I had a set of three non-stick saucepans, each of which rusted THROUGH the teflon coating!

My problem with the teflon baking sheet was that I didn't wash it very thoroughly. "Hey", I thought, "it's non-stick, so food won't stick to it". Isn't that the purpose of non-stick coatings?

Because I didn't necessarily wash it thoroughly, a grime built-up on it. This grime also built-up on my ceramic hob. I was worried about scouring them, permanently ruining my tray and hob.

After 18 months, my partner brought-up my lack of cleanliness. She didn't accept my excuse, explaining to me how ceramic is tougher than the scouring cloths that I had. She also asked about my oven. "Isn't it self-cleaning?" I asked. It seems not.

ok, this post isn't as amusing as my cookistry disasters, but it's still true.

Oh ... my saucepans weren't tougher than my scouring cloths, and had to be thrown out.

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