Monday, 27 September 2010

MSN needs Webcam

So, my first experience was a positive one. "Hey", I thought to myself, "this cookistry stuff is easier than I thought it would be! All I need is to understand the instructions and follow them, and the guaranteed output is something that I can enjoy eating".

A few days later, I had no food in the house. Well, when I say "no food" I mean "no ready-meals, no oven chips, no Findus Crispy Pancakes".

When I said this, over MSN, to discodoris, she asked some pertinent questions. These questions were pertinent because she'd gone shopping with me, so she knew what I had in the cupboards.

The following conversation is a precis between discodoris and me

"Do you have potatoes?"
"Do you have eggs?"
"Do you have oil?"
"You're all sorted, then. Here's what you do:
Heat oil in the pan, chop the potatoes into half-inch cubes, drop the potatoes into the oil and stir them/shake the pan until they are starting to brown. Then I'll tell you the next step"
After a few minutes ...
"ok, they are browning. I've taken them off the heat, so they don't burn while I'm not looking at them"
"Good. Now, you want to fry a couple of eggs to go with them. Using the same oil in the same pan, crack two eggs into it"
A couple of minutes later ...
"ok, I've cracked two eggs into it. I now have a horrible eggy mess over my potatoes"
"Err, you moved the potatoes to the side in the pan, and cracked the eggs into an empty part of the pan?"
"No. Should I have done so?"

Were the instructions incomplete? Should I have known that I was supposed to move the potatoes out of the way? It would all have been sorted had I used a webcam for my MSN, so she could have seen the mess I was making of it.

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