Monday, 27 September 2010

Fresh bread

This isn't a post about cooking. This is a post about cutting.

For the life of me, I can't cut in a straight line! I first noticed this in woodwork classes, when my saw seemed to have a life of its own, hacking chunks off my timber and leaving me with a pile of splintered shards in place of a coffee table.

Translated to cookistry, the tenon saw is The World's Sharpest Knife(tm) and the timber is bread newly baked by discodoris. Expertly-baked, I might add (I might add it because I thoroughly enjoy the bread, and buttering-up the cook is a good way to get some more).

From a tin loaf, I can possibly get three nice slices from it. The rest of the loaf is a series of wedges, some nicely triangular, some rings and a few domes. And, as discodoris has just reminded me, some that exhibit all three characteristics, not counting the mobius slices I seem to be capable of cutting.

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  1. Are you using the right sort of knife, and gentle pressure on the blade with a sawing action?