Monday, 27 September 2010

A gas hob is a very bad plate warmer

I was new at cooking eggs & bacon. I didn't realise that bacon would take so long in the frying pan. I fried the eggs first.

The eggs were on a plate, getting cooler by the minute, whilst the bacon fried. I didn't want the eggs to be stone cold by the time the bacon was ready, so I thought I'd keep the plate warm.

The rim on the bottom of the plate was just the right size to go over the gas burner. It could have been made for the task, so I thought I'd keep the eggs warm by putting the gas on really low.

It lasted for less than a minute before I heard a huge CRACK!, and the plate shattered into sharp stoneware shards.

I tried to pick the shard out of the eggs, but it was no good - I had to throw them away, and bacon & eggs became bacon-on-a-fork.


  1. Bacon actually goes really well in the oven, or if you want to fry it, putting your oven on very low heat is the best way to keep it warm. (That or just putting it on a plate and covering it with a tea towel.) That being said, I have to relate my own story, which is where I momentarily lost my sanity and put a Pyrex bowl on the burner about 8 years back. It burst immediately, of course. Glass and pottery do not belong on burners. Of course, it only takes one time and then you learn that lesson....

  2. "I tried to pick the shard out of the eggs, but it was no good..."

    It says something about your culinary skills when a plate/egg mess is still seen as a possible viable food option. ;-)