Monday, 27 September 2010

Gold paint is actually gold!

Who knew! Certainly not me, when I put a bowl of tomato soup in the microwave. It was a very nice bowl, with a gold-painted rim.

I thought it was a little strange when it started fizzing, but I had never microwaved tomato soup before so I didn't realise that it wasn't supposed to fizz.

However, when it exploded and left a gloopy mess over the walls and the door, I got a hint! Perhaps I should have covered the soup, but I was unsure of whether clingfilm-dipped soup would be poisonous.


  1. I learned this one in university. If your plates or mugs have actual gold on them, typically in a band or rim, they cannot go in the microwave. They will arc or explode, as you found out. Covering them will not help, unfortunately.

  2. metal in microwave = bad.

    Turns out Lurpack Spreadable tubs have actual metal foil on the outside.

    Now slightly bubbled metal foil... ¬_¬